Probably won’t be posting anymore art for a while because my tablet is a piece of shit and everything that can be wrong with it is. It’s not even a year old and everything is fucked up. Intuos “Pro” my ass.

Like the ports are all jacked, and it’s the side I never even touch so it’s beyond me how it’s so loose, since it’s never unplugged.

I emailed them, but no idea what they’re gonna say or //even do//.


Does anyone know any good remedies for muscle spasms/cramps?

I get the same exact pain in 2 different places all the time and it drives me crazy. It’s either left of my shoulder blade a little to the west, or on the right side directly on the shoulder blade. 

It hurts when I cough/sneeze. And I sneeze frequently. And I mean like 20 times in a row. 

Sometimes when I cough or sneeze it will pop my back, and it kinda hurts. So I will have to position and reach my elbows out and extend my chest in a way that it doesn’t hurt //as much//.

I’ve found the only way to make it better is a cornbag; heat source. But it only helps for a short while. I want something more permanent, long lasting. Stretching used to help, but when I try it now, sometimes I just get locked up in that position and it just makes things worse.

Medication (Painkillers, Aleeve, Midol) doesn’t help too much anymore because I’ve taken it since about 6th grade, and my body has just become used to them. And I don’t wanna be taking like 6 at a time.

I would just really love some help! I don’t want to have to deal with this. It really sucks when I’m afraid to sneeze. 

Anonymous: Can you post a photo of yourself?

I guess if you’re curious, this is what I look like haha. 

I feel like all I literally do is draw and complain about my lack of coffee and sushi.